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Rick Mirza
Phone: (510) 592-8786
7100 Stevenson Blvd. | Fremont, CA 94538

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Our Goals

Create the best possible unit—and community—for the money. We don't cut corners. Our projects are unrivaled in quality, attention to detail and the resident experience.

Who We Are

We learned that you can present options and let people make the decisions that are best for them, and then create value through logical, sustainable development.

How We Work

Whether serving as advisers or actually developing the real estate, our mission is to create the best possible unit or community for the money. Click to learn the three different ways we can work with you.

Ready to Go

Contact us to discuss your specific development needs and how we can help each other create a quality development.

We are changing the way things are done for the better

How We

Can Work Together

Whether serving as advisers or actually developing the real estate, our mission is to create the best possible unit—and community—for the money—while making a healthy profit. If you have property, we can work with you in three different ways


You sell us your land or improved property and we cut you a check. This is a win-win since you get the money right away and we get the property we want to develop. Our process of due diligence is straight forward, allowing us to present very realistic offers

Joint Venture

You supply the land at no upfront cost, we work with all the parties involved—including local government officials, neighboring landowners and communities, and handle the construction, marketing and sale/lease of the finished product. Then we split the profits, you end up with residual income and we don't have to pay for the land

Buy Out

You contribute the land at the outset, we put up the money and handle the development. Then we buy you out once the project has been entitled. This is a win-win because you wind up with a greater return on your investment since the entitled property is worth so much more and we don't have to pay for both simultaneously.

Some of Our


Every year Ariba takes on three to five major projects. We have handled over 1,000 units collectively.

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Meet Our Team

We are Ariba

Ariba is not a public company so we have no shareholders that we have to answer to. We're only answerable to ourselves, our partners, and the people who end up living in the properties we own and operate. So we don't have to compromise on quality ever.

team member
Shariq (Rick) Mirza Founder & CEO
team member
Wais (David) Hamid Senior Account Manager
team member
Usama (Sam) Mirza Business Development
team member
Nadia Parsa Office Manager (USA)
team member
Bill Klein Business Attorney

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